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Pregnant Blackmailing-Your-Pregnant-Daughter

Pregnant Blackmailing-Your-Pregnant-Daughter

Daddy daughter / real pregnancy / 35 weeks pregnant / simulated sex {no penetration visible} Your daughter has come to you in desperation after her husband has left her. She’s grateful for your help and that she has somewhere to stay during this time. Her husband cheated on her after she started to show her pregnancy.. he didn’t find her attractive anymore. However you think differently. You think she looks beautiful pregnant. You want to see more of her. You ask her to lift up her top so you can see her growing bump. She’s a little unsure but does it anyway. You want to see it from the side. She awkwardly obliges. She starts to feel a little weirded out by your requests so you remind her that you are doing her a huge favour and she should be grateful. You get her to strip down into her underwear and eventually completely naked. She stands looking uncomfortable and whilst you watch. You love her pregnant body and want her on the bed. She does what you say and lies down with her legs apart. You get your cock out and she is shocked and embarrassed. She hasn’t had sex since she got pregnant and she asks you to go easy on her but you don’t listen and thrust into her fast and hard. You fuck her until you cum deep inside of her pregnant pussy.

Format: mp4
Size: 258.52 MB
Duration: 00:10:31





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